Day 19: The British Are Coming!

The honeymoon is over. The spark I had for India when I came is gone. Where there was once a flame of passion and wonder is now just a feeling of "going through the motions". I think this all stems from the fact that India has tried to kill me twice. Three weeks of poor... Continue Reading →


Day 18: Elephant Lumberjacks

As you may have noticed, and if not then I will point out to you, that I did not post a blog on Day 17. It all goes back to that fateful day when I accepted a glass of juice from the wife of my patient. Four days later, I am still recovering. I had... Continue Reading →

Day 15: The Donut Disaster Part II

I got the stomach flu...again. Even recollecting the story is making me sick, so I am going to tell the short version. As I've said before, in India, if someone offers you food, you take it.  Most of our home care patients are very poor, but are grateful for the care. So they always offer... Continue Reading →

Day 14: Ganja Cookies

So today I've decided instead of talking about my day, which was filled with meetings and presentations, I'm going to share with you what I call: Danielle's Top Ten Funny Quotes (and explanations). "India Books are all the same. The girl leaves India to go to America or England and does stuff and then comes... Continue Reading →

Day 13: Turkish Delight

What a day. I'm emotionally, physically, and mentally drained. It all started with inpatient rounds. Physicians in India are required to take a course regarding morphine in order for prescribing privileges. Therefore, some have chosen to take the palliative care course here at Pallium. This week, they have joined inpatient rounds to learn more about... Continue Reading →

Day 12: When it rains, it pours.

After the trials and tribulations of yesterday, I was determined to make this a great day. I released all expectations and let my anxieties sit on the backburner. Today was inpatient day with my favorite doctor, Dr. Ralte, the one that taught me about the Asian/Indian population in his state. He and his senior doctor run... Continue Reading →


From the title I bet you are guessing that I finally found pizza, which I did. But more on that later. Today was my first day doing palliative care home visits. This meant patients who have a chronic illness or a life-threatening illness that are too sick or to far away to be seen at... Continue Reading →


Today was my first day seeing patients at the hospital. But before that, I successfully completed the crow pose in yoga. I haven't been able to do that in ages. Its from all the "sreeeeechhh"ing. I don't think I was mentally prepared for today's events. I knew that I was coming to help terminally ill people,... Continue Reading →

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