Day 26: Jungle Goats

I’ve been having side effects from my anti-malarial drugs. Apparently, you may suffer from vivid dreams that seem very lifelike. Normally I can control my dreams, but these are weird and almost seem like they really happened, even after I wake up. Regardless, I had a sleepless night waiting for my sister to come out of her hip surgery. She did great and by the time she was awake it was time for me to wake up for yoga….for which I did not attend.

Today was a great last day of home care. I had my favorite friends Safa and Jyosna to make the day super fun. After stopping for our tea break (the day hadn’t even started…that’s how much Indians love tea) we arrived to our first patient’s home. It was super nice and who I thought her family members were actually servants. The servant’s kids lived at the home and had lots of American and disney-themed toys, like cinderella, smurfs, tigger, and sleeping beauty. The servants gave me juice, and everyone remembered how sick I got last time so they watched me intently laughing at the horrible face I was making. In India, the richest live next to the poorest. So the next house was in a small village. I arrived at the house to see a man chained to a wall outside of our patient’s house. Apparently he had a psychiatric illness and was constantly running away. He looked at me like he wanted to kill me, which was terrifying. His mother was even crazier because she had cellulitis and seizures for which we give her free medication for but she chose to throw it at us because she didn’t like the specific brand. You can’t always win, But I did get to try jackfruit and pet three baby goats out in the jungle, so I’m counting today as a win. We finished the day with a traditional kerala lunch. However, I got made fun of because I couldn’t hide how spicy it was for me #palefaceredface.

After work, I was invited to Sister Jyosna’s convent, where she took me on a grand tour. First we went to Perumathura, also known as “Famous Beach” and ate mango ice cream while watching the sunset, She gave me a tour of her convent, the palliative care hospital she works at (she even introduced me to all of the patients), the orphanage (they said I can take all of them home with me if I wish), to her beachside church, and then surprised me with my favorite American meal, oatmeal. She remembered from my first week here how much I missed eating oatmeal every morning, so this was very touching. She even drove me home and insisted paying for everything. She is the kind of person that makes you a better person for just knowing her.

Overall, it was an amazing, beautiful day. It was a great way to end my home care experience.


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