Day 24: Rock Climbing

I graduated out of the introductory Yoga class! I still cannot do half of what they were doing, but I did really well (besides my headstand). Just in time for me to leave…

Today was another beach day, but not the kind I wanted. I was supposed to be doing city home care, but somehow I got in the wrong van and ended up at Kovalum beach (day 2). My country mumble of a voice doesn’t get me very far in India. I noticed that they understand me better when I put on a slightly Indian accent. Also, I overemphasis the first syllable… I don’t know why that works. Even though we were at the beach, I wasn’t allowed ON the beach. They had this giant protective rockwall made to protect the families from strong storms. I could hear the crashing of waves and feel the ocean sprays over the rocks, but they insisted that I didn’t climb the wall. It is like girls in yoga pants; you can look, but you can’t touch. That is what travelers insurance is for, right?

Some of the homes we visited were deep within the beach jungle. That is the first time I’ve ever hiked in dress shoes. My poor friend Safa was wearing 1 ½ inch heels, so she looked fabulous while she was climbing. The poor thing kept falling asleep in between drives because her husband had her get up at 3:30 am to iron his clothes because he didn’t feel good. She said she also has the same sickness. I just nodded that I agreed with servitude, even though in my head I was saying, “iron it your damn self.” She is a physician, but still wakes up early to cook with the women of the household for the whole day. I told her that in America if a meal takes more than 30 minutes to make, we eat a processed meal.

Today was my first day eating with my hands because Ann forgot my spoon. Ann forgets that I am totally useless at eating soup with my hands, but she believed in me-and I succeeded. In the jungle we found a lake called, “Ghost Lake” (because there is a high prevalence of suicides committed there) and ate our silverware-free lunches.  We even fed a dog and a crow our scraps. So you can say that I had a good day.

I came home to a WiFi-free house (day 4). Being away from technology made me feel like I was rediscovering a new world around me. I felt like this guy.


I’ve called the internet company 14 times and they haven’t answered. I knew that I couldn’t spend another night having a pantless party, so I decided to have dinner for one at the restaurant Villa Maya because they are super slow (app and dessert was over 2 hours) and they have free WiFi…the best combo possible.

I’ll end with things I was hoping to do in India that I haven’t done

  1. See an elephant
  2. Touch an elephant
  3. Ride an elephant

Super disappointed. Each time I go by the temple to see their elephants there is a special event going on like a wedding or a Holy day.  I just want 5 minutes with one. Next time–



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