Day 23: Foreign Exchange

Today was beach day with my friends from the UK, Lucy and Ann. They’ve only been here for a week, so they were full of fun energy. We ended up climbing the lighthouse at “lighthouse beach” or Kovalum. Even though I appreciated the views, I didn’t appreciate that “foreigners” were charged 5x extra. They also came and made us leave after we were up there for 20 minutes. I call bullshit. In the States, we are so diverse that you can’t tell who is local or a foreigner. It is most definitely inappropriate to assume anything about their citizenship. But India doesn’t give a shit. I still managed to enjoy the views despite being singled out. We spent the rest of the day in the sun, watching the people surf, and buying souvenirs.

Guys, this is my last official week of medical school. I have to pinch myself that I’ll be a doctor soon. I can’t help but wonder how I managed to slip through the cracks  at OU. Too late, I am deemed fit enough to save lives! Just avoid the hospital around July 1st and you’ll be okay. I want to thank everyone that has made this dream possible, but there are too many. To help me is my good friend, Paula Deen.

images (1)

I want to end this by naming the top 10 funny things I’ve seen people carrying on their motorbikes.

  1.  An industrial copier machine
  2. A two foot long fish
  3. A light pole
  4. Lumber or Bundles of wood
  5. Luggage (that they rolled next to them)
  6. Newborn baby (there are no carseats here. they squish the baby between mom and dad on the bike)
  7. Plastic lawn chairs (the guy had two on each arm while he drove)
  8. Giant boxes of tech gear
  9. lottery tickets (the guy clipped them to the front to sell to people)
  10. Humongous bags of rice…like 50+ lbs.

Thanks for tuning in. All of this happened like 48 hours ago so my recall sucks. I’m sure there were more things I wanted to remember.


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