Day 28: My Very Last Day

I woke up way before my alarm. I knew that today was my last day of medical school ever! At the same time, I realized that this was my last day in India (I have a 10 year Visa, I don't have to leave, right?). I ate my last dosa, drank my last cup of... Continue Reading →


Day 27: Neighborly Love

Today was my last day on the inpatient ward. It was oddly still and peaceful today, with just a few patients who were nearing the end of their life. Despite the language barrier, we had some very moving moments with two women who were nearing the end of their life. Both young, but weak, insisted... Continue Reading →

Day 26: Jungle Goats

I've been having side effects from my anti-malarial drugs. Apparently, you may suffer from vivid dreams that seem very lifelike. Normally I can control my dreams, but these are weird and almost seem like they really happened, even after I wake up. Regardless, I had a sleepless night waiting for my sister to come out... Continue Reading →

Day 25: A Labor of Love

A typical day of 5 am munch, yoga, shower, munch, steal hospital WiFi to call husband, see patients for a few hours, hide in hospital in front of the only fan, steal more WiFi, write a paper, gossip with the Brits, hang out at restaurant for 4 hours stealing their WiFi (I’m not above whipping... Continue Reading →

Day 24: Rock Climbing

I graduated out of the introductory Yoga class! I still cannot do half of what they were doing, but I did really well (besides my headstand). Just in time for me to leave… Today was another beach day, but not the kind I wanted. I was supposed to be doing city home care, but somehow... Continue Reading →

Day 23: Foreign Exchange

Today was beach day with my friends from the UK, Lucy and Ann. They've only been here for a week, so they were full of fun energy. We ended up climbing the lighthouse at "lighthouse beach" or Kovalum. Even though I appreciated the views, I didn't appreciate that "foreigners" were charged 5x extra. They also... Continue Reading →

Day 22: Pantsless Party

I noticed that we only have 9 months until Christmas, so if you've always wanted a Christmas baby, now's your chance. Today was a typical day on the wards, except I got really hot and decided to hide downstairs in front of the only fan. I must have been there for a long time because... Continue Reading →

Day 21: Facing your own mortality

Today was class day! It is always my favorite day for two reasons: air conditioning and Dr. Rajagopal. We had an 8 hour course on spirituality. It was wonderful to contemplate the meaning of life with people from several different countries. I love the days where you can truly just sit back and evaluate your... Continue Reading →

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